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3 Signs Of Good Tempered Glass Panels

Different glass types are used for numerous industrial and non-industrial applications in modern times. Tempered glass is commonly used across industries, owing to its many significant benefits. Automotive and construction are two major industries that rely on tempered glass. Even electrical appliances and gadgets like smartphones use tempered glass panels

As opposed to other glasses that break into sharp pieces, tempered glass gets shattered into small granules that do not cause risk or damage to people in the surrounding. When you source tempered glass, it is essential to avoid buying spurious products to ensure durability. 


Three Signs of Quality Tempered Glass Panels


Not as clear as float glass

One of the significant signs of a top-notch tempered glass is that it is not as clear as float glass. You can expect to see some optical distortions due to the chemical process a tempered glass goes through. If the glass is completely transparent, with no optical distortions, it is wise not to invest in them.

Smooth edges

Smooth edges are another sign to look for in tempered glasses. Slowly move your hand through the edge of the glass panel. If you feel too much roughness, it indicates that the glass has not undergone tempering and is not ideal for your application. 

Sandblasted mark

Most glass manufacturers imprint a sandblasted mark on the glass panel to inform customers that it is tempered glass. Looking for this sign is essential while you are sourcing glass to avoid buying float glass instead of tempered ones. Also looking for imperfections is a good tip to follow. An imperfect glass is a sign that it has undergone chemical processes to make them stronger and much more durable than regular glass.

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