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Easy Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Safety Glass

Durability and cost-effectiveness are significant reasons that make glass popular for numerous domestic and industrial applications. The upfront investment for toughened glass is not too high, making it affordable for all. With proper maintenance, you can prolong the life of the glass and not worry about getting them replaced for many years.

However, knowing the right tips and tricks to clean and maintain safety glass is crucial. We list in this blog easy and effective tips to clean and maintain safety or toughened glass.


Follow These Tips For Prolonging The Life Of Safety Glass


Regular inspection

Whether for making dining tables or doors, toughened glasses are often attached using different types of fixtures, clamps and fittings. If any of these fixtures become loose or damaged, there is a change of the glass detaching. Inspecting the fixtures and fittings is recommended to prevent this from happening. Checking for any cracks or significant scratches on the glass is also ideal. Timely intervention can prevent further damage to the glass.

Non-abrasive cleaning

Cleaning of safety glass needs to be done with extreme care to prevent scratching the surface. Apart from the fact that scratches affect the visual appeal of glass, too many scratches also compromise the structural integrity. Non-abrasive cleaning is the way to go for toughened glass. Use a sponge or a soft cloth, along with mild glass cleaners for best results. 

Cleaning is needed more frequently for outdoor installations as compared to their indoor counterparts. Especially after a storm or heavy rains, it is recommended to clean outdoor glass installations as quickly as possible. Remove debris between the fixtures or clamps and wipe the glass with a clean, soft, and dry cloth to ensure its long life. 

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