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3 Tips for Your Next Bathroom Upgrade

February 19, 2020

Many of us don’t take our bathrooms seriously – but in truth, your home bathroom should be your own little sanctuary. As the place in which we begin and end our work days, it is the space where we should be able to seamlessly get ready for the day ahead, while simultaneously being the place we look forward to taking a well-deserved hot shower after a long, tough day.


The bathroom should be functional by design, yet comforting in its quality. From custom glass shower doors to maximizing storage cabinetry space, the bathroom is truly what you make it. For those of you looking to elevate your next bathroom upgrade, we have a few tips to ensuring both functionality and comfort in your everyday.


Reflect Your Personal Style


Popular interior design mags and television shows might tell you that your bathroom needs to look and feel a certain way in order for it to be “cool” and “contemporary”. While the ideas they present may be compelling, it’s also important to take stock of the things you like and enjoy when designing your bathroom. After all – it is your bathroom. Opt for the shapes, colour palettes, fixtures, hardware, and decorations you like. From choosing the type of custom shower glass doors, to mirror shapes – know that this is your space, so design it as you see fit!


Prioritize Functionality and Comfort


When it comes to bathroom design, functionality and comfort go hand in hand. A functional bathroom is a comfortable bathroom. Designing your bathroom to maximize space, while also streamlining your morning routine can significantly impact your well-being and overall comfort. You don’t want to have to rely on a bathroom that isn’t working for you by design. Especially on those mornings you accidentally snooze your alarm one too many times.


It’s the Little Things


Finally, it’s important to note that those little stylistic touches can make all the difference. If you’re someone who loves the scent of lavender, get lavender scented candles and place them by your bath tub for a relaxing bathtub experience. If there are any specific quotes that resonate with you, then consider having artwork made and hung up in your bathroom to inspire you during your morning bathroom routine.


If you have a strong desire to have custom glass shower doors fabricated for your bathroom, then contact the professional team at All Team Glass. We offer years of experience in providing quality glass products to clients in Toronto and across the GTA!

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