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How glass shower doors reinvigorate your home appeal

February 12, 2020

Nothing beats entering your bathroom shower area and witnessing how beautifully your glass shower doors, in Toronto or otherwise, open and close in sequence before you’ve even gotten the water running.


You may have experienced something similar during your stay at top-class hotels - it's one of the more comforting sights you can effortlessly incorporate into your residence.


Let’s look at four other ways renovating your glass shower doors in Toronto can set a new benchmark for home allure:


A hallmark of interior design

You’d struggle to find an interior designer that won’t tell you that next to the fireplace, the bathroom is the next hallmark in aesthetic design. While the living room is the default "showcase" area, especially in open-house homebuyer visits, the bathroom remains the de facto area of solace for most homeowners. It is for this reason that glass shower doors in Toronto have come to be so admired.


Relaxing and luxurious showers

A regular bathtub with default glass shower doors can certainly impart a refreshing feeling. However, just like fine dining, if your bath engages more of your senses - sight, hearing, smell, and touch – the simple pleasures of relaxation and luxuriousness can be heightened in the process. Replacing your fixtures and adding glass shower doors can help bring new depth into something as pedestrian as taking a bath.


Different texture types to choose from

When you work with renowned manufacturers such as All Team Glass, you're provided an assortment of choices that can work for all your interior design needs. Whether it's baroque, Chinese antique, or any other textures, we can produce it for you all at an affordable rate.


Improve your home’s resale value

Bathrooms and shower areas are extremely important for homebuyers; nothing comes close to the enjoyment of a bath right after a tiring day from work. Seeing beautiful customised glass doors before you enter the shower area is truly divine. It's a price worth paying for many prospective home owners.


Customised glass doors that are timeless

Work with All Team Glass to turn your glass door visions into reality. With our decades of experience providing top-quality glass manufacturing solutions, All Team Glass guarantees only the finest results. Contact us to learn more!

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