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4 Areas in Your Home to use Decorative Sandblasting on Glass

April 16, 2020

In the final stages of its production, glass is smooth and transparent. Glass is often used for windows or walls for properties and vehicles if it has the right density. Many use decorative sandblasting to reduce the transparency of average glass, giving it a unique look that complements homes and properties in many ways. 

Here are four areas in your home that will look great with decorative sandblasted glass:

Bathroom Shower Doors

Once the glass is treated, it becomes rough, opaque, and has an uneven surface that looks aesthetically pleasing. The sandblasted glass will look great on any shower doors, while still being opaque and functional.

Exterior Glass Walls

One of the greatest things about decorative sandblasting of glass is its ability to still let light pass through. Decorative sandblasting of thicker and highly dense glass removes its transparency, allowing it to have a clean and unique appeal. Rough and textured glass -- which manufacturers smooth to avoid sharp edges -- offer great interior light, exterior aesthetics, and unparalleled durability.

Decorative Interior Walls

There are a variety of ways decorative interior walls can be used. Restaurants can use sandblasted glass to their advantage by using the roughened glass as a bar backdrop. An interior centerpiece wall can use a decorative sandblasted glass combined with etches, which add to their overall interior aesthetic and dining ambiance. If it suits a homeowner's property, they can use the same decorative sandblasted glass as well. 

Glass Structures

Making small or big glass monuments for indoor or outdoor use will need a variation of texture. Some glass structures are significantly beautiful with smooth and transparent glass. However, a sandblasted glass structure has its respective appeal that may complement the interior or exterior vision you need.

Work With Only Experienced and Dependable Sandblasters

If you have yet to find dependable manufacturers, you can count on us at All Team Glass to provide you with quality results. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you!


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