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4 Popular Applications of Tempered Glass

August 01, 2019

Among the various types of safety glass, tempered glass panels have been the top choice of many developers, contractors, and businesses due to their durability and great resistance to heat. Tempered glass has the unique property of not breaking into sharp edges, therefore not posing any threat of harm. As such, it is used in many applications, both commercial and industrial.


Here are four popular applications of tempered glass:


Construction industry   
Regulations pertaining to development and construction specifically identify the use of safety glass in building residential and business properties. This makes tempered glass panels a top choice as a building material, where it is normally used as frameless glass doors, sliding doors, and as other glass facades in home. It is also the preferred material for constructing exterior windows due to its durability. Nowadays, glass façade homes are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their appeal to modern sensibilities. Tempered glass panels will make up the bulk of this kind of structure’s building material. 

Automotive windshields
The introduction of tempered glass panels for use in the automotive industry has been attributed to the need to save lives, marking a turning point in the automotive industry and safety standards. Because of its unique property of shattering into small, non-lethal fragments, it is widely used as vehicle windshields. Its use has been associated with fewer traffic incidents and lesser number of injuries.

Even home appliances can benefit from the use of tempered glass thanks to its excellent heat resistance. Microwaves or ovens, in particular, benefit from the use of tempered glass panels.

…and Everything Else!
Aside from these specific uses, you can find tempered glass in virtually any product that you may encounter in your daily life. This includes phone booths, stairways, different types of furniture, and in massive sporting arenas.

Indeed, tempered glass panels have a variety of uses that make them invaluable to our society. At All Team Glass, our safety glass is fully certified by the Safety Glazing Certification Council – you can count on our glass any time and in any application!

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