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The Sustainability of Glass in Architecture

August 16, 2019

By now we know the benefits of using class for architectural applications.


From using tempered glass in the exterior façade of a structure, to custom etched glass on more intricate glass fixtures inside – there is no denying the utility glass applications provide.


With more and more global leaders realizing the perils of climate change, many industries are beginning to minimize their environmental impact by adopting more sustainable practices. The architectural glass industry is no exception to this, as architects and engineers are beginning to reimagine the ways we use glass to ensure more sustainable outcomes.


Benefits of Architectural Glass


Architectural glass is already widely using in a myriad of applications in the design and construction of a building. Glass possesses multiple attractive qualities when used for architectural means – it is transparent, chemically inert, strong, easily available, and relatively cheap. Glass is also quite versatile with regard to design – a glass manufacturer can make a custom etched glass wall panel, or bent glass fixture for the interior of a building. It is also more environmentally friendly and sustainable than alternative building materials.


Reduced Carbon Footprint


From the mining of natural resources to the processing, manufacturing, transportation, and product delivery – the production process of architectural glass uses less energy than other conventional building materials. Glass is a good thermal regulator, which means less of a need to blast the air conditioning in the summer, or the heating system in the winter.

 In a similar regard, the embodied carbon of a structure is the total amount of carbon that is contained in the materials and processes used within the entire life cycle of the structure. Using architectural glass can lessen a structure’s carbon emissions substantially – especially when preliminary planning involves reducing total amount of waste, minimizing impact of materials and energy-intense processing methods, and implementing a solid environmental management plan to properly deal with the reuse and recycling of building materials.


Finding an Experienced Glass Manufacturer


It’s no wonder that glass has become a primary staple in the construction of modern buildings and structures. Used for its functional benefits, and design ability – while glass is the optimal and sustainable building material choice, having an experience glass manufacturer is the difference quality makes.

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