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4 Ways to Customize Your Glass Shower Doors

February 08, 2019

Your shower doors may seem like an insignificant aspect of your washroom when it comes to its overall aesthetic, but they actually present an opportunity to bring your personal style to a space where simplicity tends to prevail. Shower doors can even become the focal point of a washroom if they have a unique design or artwork. The functionality of shower doors can also be customized for your comfort and convenience. Glass doors can give your washroom a clean, modern look and are easy to customize. Here are four types of custom glass shower doors to choose from.


Hinged Door

This type of door opens by swinging out in one direction, just like any regular door in your home. It can be fitted to walls or shower surrounds, and is commonly used for stand-alone shower stalls. This type of door is best suited for washrooms that have enough space around the shower for the door to swing out.


Pivot Door

Custom glass shower doors made in the pivot style also have a swinging door, but can be opened in either direction. The pivot door swings out at 180 degrees, so it requires space like a hinged door, but can be held against the inside or outside of the shower wall. The curved glass style is popular for this type of door.


Bypass Door

The bypass door slides open like a balcony or patio door. It consists of two sliding glass panels, and can have additional fixed panels. This type of door can either slide along tracks along the top and bottom of the shower or be attached to mechanical rollers. Bypass doors can be installed above bathtubs for combination bathtub showers. Another benefit of the bypass door is that is doesn’t require extra space to open like other types of custom glass shower doors.


Neo-Angle Door  

The neo-angle door is made for smaller showers that are located in a corner of a washroom. The shower consists of three glass panels, where two panels are attached perpendicularly to walls and a third panel, the door, is in between them. The door itself opens out at a 90-degree angle; however, this type of shower is designed to save space overall.


Keep these door styles in mind when you’re shopping around for a supplier to create custom glass shower doors for your washroom. At All Team Glass, we can customize shower doors according to your specific ideas and requirements. Every aspect of our glass doors can be customized—from the size and shape of the doors to the design and artwork. Our shower doors are also safety tempered and fabricated using CNC machining to ensure functionality as well as aesthetic. We can cater to any style—from traditional to modern and anything in between. Contact us today to get the right glass shower doors for you!

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