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3 Ways to Elevate Your Bathroom Remodel




Whether you’ve recently moved into your house or are a long-term resident of your current home – you may have come to the realization that your bathroom is in serious need of an upgrade. If getting ready for work includes having to deal with leaky pipes, un-usable storage options, and dim lighting you’ll probably want to change a few things in your bathroom. Whether you’re thinking of replacing your shower and bathtub set-up, or if you’re thinking of starting from scratch and renovating completely – there are a few ways you can truly elevate your bathroom remodel.

From his and hers sinks, to a more energy-efficient toilet, to custom glass shower doors – there are a few tips and tricks you can use to truly elevate your bathroom remodel so that you can start looking forward to your morning routine again.


1. Maximizing Storage Space

Having a proper storage system in place will ultimately save you time and to some extent money. How many times have you been late to work because you can’t seem to find a tube of lipstick, or your q-tips, or that package of soap you bought last week? Having a simple storage system in place that maximizes space in your bathroom is the best way to overcome any issues due to not finding exactly what you’re looking for. Ensuring your storage solution is suitable for the size of your bathroom is also important. Maximizing space, and only storing what is absolutely necessary can really elevate your bathroom’s functionality and visual appeal. Using a simple shelf, and baskets/woven containers to put your items in can really make all the difference, despite not being the largest change you make.


2. Keep it Bright and Airy

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, make design choices that work together to produce more of a classic, bright and airy vibe. The same sort of vibe that oozes relaxation and peace when you step into a spa. If your bathroom doesn’t have many windows – opt for lighting that mimics natural sunlight. As for bathroom fixtures like your toilet, sinks, showers, and tubs, choosing a crisp white can add to the illusion of more space and openness. Subtle differences like outfitting your shower enclosure with custom glass shower doors can also maximize that bright and open feel, as the transparent glass walls make the bathroom appear bigger than it really is.




Custom Glass Shower Doors with All Team Glass

Luckily, All Team Glass offers the capabilities and experience to design and manufacture custom glass shower doors for your bathroom remodel. Our glass shower doors and enclosures are built with safety tempered glass in order to preserve product longevity and your safety. All Team Glass offers a variety of design options, from modern to traditional – we are guaranteed to have a style that fits your specific tastes.




3. Make It Your Own

Add touches and finishes in your bathroom that are to your own unique tastes. While trends come and go, you and your family will be the ones who actually use the space the most. So make sure your bathroom makes sense for you. If you like pops of colour, consider purchasing bright pieces of art or having a vase full of fresh flowers on your counter top to liven up the space. Your bathroom should be a place you look forward to using, so if you’re in the process of remodeling or making small changes – ensure those changes are well-suited to your needs.



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