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5 Industries with High Demand for Tempered Glass in Toronto

February 08, 2021

The demand for tempered glass in Toronto is higher than ever. The city is a melting pot of many industrial businesses that use tempered glass as one of their main manufacturing materials.


Although a very common material in the market today, many consumers might still be surprised by the following five industries that often use tempered glass.


Retail and Displays

Especially common in shopping malls and storefronts, tempered glass is used primarily due to its protective qualities. Tougher than annealed glass, tempered glass is able to withstand more physical impact which means retail displays and storefront windows are more secure. If the tempered glass was to break, it shattered into tiny granules rather than breaking into large shards of glass. This is why the retail industry uses tempered glass in Toronto.



Another common industry that uses tempered glass is the auto industry. A car uses two types of glass for its windows. In the front and back windshields, reinforced with a layer of plastic, laminated glass is used to prevent shattering. The side windows use tempered glass so, in the case of emergencies, they can be shattered so the passengers can leave the vehicle.


Kitchen Appliances

If you go to your kitchen right now, you may discover your electric cooktop and oven doors are fitted with tempered glass. Refrigerators will often have tempered glass shelves to withstand storage weight.


Smartphones and Computers

The screen on smartphones is not made of tempered glass. However, there are businesses that create screen protectors made of thin sheets of tempered glass. Desktop computer cases may also use tempered glass as a side panel allowing the interior hardware to be visible.


Athletic Facilities

Modern athletic facilities and community centers are now commonly designed with tempered glass walls and railings. Mainly for aesthetic reasons, tempered glass is still able to function just as well as traditional materials.


Looking to use tempered glass in Toronto? You can always count on us at All Team Glass. With decades of experience providing the highest-quality glass products and fabrication services, we can surely meet your expectations. Contact us today to learn more.

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