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The Power of Water Jet Cutting

February 01, 2021

In material processing and other industrial manufacturing, water jet cutting is a relatively new process. Instead of using traditional saw blades, water jets are infused with abrasive granules, continuously streaming out of a nozzle at extremely high pressures, enabling the water to deliver the granules at high speeds with precision. Water jet cutting services have been provided for customers as a way to increase efficiency as well as maintain high-quality cutting as well as a reduced impact on the environment.


Depending on the specific service you need, there are two kinds of water jet technology.


The technology works following a simple cutting principle and process. First, a highly pressurized pump is used to generate a stream of water with extremely high pressures ranging up to tens of thousands of psi, up to 94,000. You can think of this pressure level as more than 90 thousand times more than a single fire hose containing a pressure of over a thousand psi. The next step of the water jet cutting service is converting the high pressure into velocity. This is done by using a tiny jewel orifice that creates a very thin stream of water, as small and thin as a human hair that can cut through most materials.


In addition, in order to further increase the cutting power of waterjet, an abrasive is also used, such as garnet or any other abrasive, that is being pulled into the water stream. As both these media exit the cutting head of the machine, they do at about 4 times the speed of sound which makes them steel more than 1 foot thick. If the material you have to cut is rather soft, then pure water jet cutting service might be enough. Conversely, for hard materials such as stone, composite, and metal, an abrasive waterjet is a better option.


If you are looking for a high-quality cutting service for glass, contact us today at All Team Glass to learn more.


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