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5 Uses for Tempered Safety Glass

It is correct that tempered safety glass has several uses. However, its application goes beyond protecting mobile phone screens for example. This type of glass takes on many roles in these five product-oriented industries.


Safety Glass Is One of Our Specialties at All Team Glass & Mirror, and the Products We Supply Can Serve a Number of Different Purposes


Vehicle Windows


Regular glass windows will easily shatter in the case of a head-on collision. When tempered glass breaks down, it turns into smooth and pebble-like pieces which keep passengers safe from injuries that fragments can cause.




Under heavy liquid pressure, regular glass aquariums may shatter and break apart. With tempered glass, they can efficiently handle high pressure and aquatic life activity. These kinds of aquariums are perfect for large displays as well.


Diving Masks


High water pressure has the potential to easily shatter glass masks. However, tempered glass makes it possible to have clear vision during underwater treks without shattering and harming its user. This category of glass can handle heavy pressure due to its treatment process.




High heat resistance is another notable benefit of tempered glass, allowing oven manufacturers to include a viewing pane and permitting the oven's operations to be monitored without opening the door. Glass manufacturers can produce tempered glass with high levels of resistance according to the required function.


Shower Doors


Panels of tempered glass have the structural capacity to stand alone as shower doors without hinges. This application shows the strong nature of a well-manufactured set of tempered glass panels.


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