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Why Choose Tempered Glass Panels?

Tempered glass panels are crucial for building applications. Ordinary glass, when broken, will splinter in jagged shards which can cause injury. Tempered glass will only crumble into granular pieces that are not sharp even when subjected to high tension.



At All Team Glass, We Make Only the Highest Quality Tempered Glass Panels for All Types of Applications



Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is manufactured through controlled chemical or thermal treatments to increase its strength. The outer layer of the glass is subjected to compression while its inner layer is put through high tension. This melts the glass’ outer layer and makes the surface tougher and more flexible.  


What Are the Applications of Tempered Glass Panels?


Tempered glass panels can be used in various applications, including in windows for automobiles, shower glass doors, and architectural glass which is used in homes and other buildings. Smaller pieces of tempered glass panels can also be used as screen protectors for smartphones and tablets, diving masks, and computer screens.


Tempered glass panels are generally preferred for two main reasons: durability and safety. Tempered glass can withstand shocks and tension far more than ordinary glass can. They don’t break easily unless subjected to repeated force or high-velocity pressure. This glass will not produce sharp shards when broken and are generally not brittle.


At All Team Glass, we serve all kinds of clients from manufacturing companies to building contractors, real estate property brokers, and more. Our clients know to expect the highest quality safety glasses of all types. Every product we manufacture is subject to rigorous quality inspections, adhering to standards set by government safety institutions.


If you want us to create custom tempered glass panels or any type of safety glass like shower glass doors, etched glass, bent glass, and other kinds of glass products, just call us and we can get your project started. Browse our website for more information on our services.

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