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A Brief History of Glass Shower Doors

October 07, 2019

Many homeowners today opt for glass shower doors in Toronto to outfit their bathrooms. Glass shower doors offer a myriad of benefits including physical elegance, expanding the sightlines to make the room appear larger, flexibility in customization, and easy maintenance.


It’s no wonder why glass shower doors in Toronto are so favourable among homeowners.


But where exactly did we get the idea to use glass to manufacture shower doors in the first place? Today we’ll briefly overview the beginnings of glass shower doors and enclosures.


The Origins of Tempered Glass


Standard glass won’t cut it when it comes to fabricating glass shower doors and enclosures. It’s more prone to shattering than the type of glass our windows, patio doors, and shower enclosures are made of. That’s why these items are manufactured with tempered glass (also known as safety glass) – a type of glass that is shatter-proof and more durable than standard glass.

Laminated glass was initially invented by French Scientist, Edouard Benedictus in the early 1900s by combining cellulose nitrate and glass. In the decades that followed, advances would be made in developing Benedictus’s initial invention – which would eventually become formally known as tempered glass. These innovations radically improved the safety of glass products.


The First Occurrences of Tempered Glass in Shower Doors


It wasn’t until the 1960s that tempered glass would be used to manufacture shower enclosures and doors in the United States. A small company in Ohio was the first to manufacture glass shower door and wall products. It was also at this time that glass swinging and sliding doors became available for purchase.

Much like today, glass doors and shower enclosures became popular at the time for their practical benefits in addition to the way in which it elevated the physical appearance of a bathroom. The transparency provided by these fixtures allowed increased light into a space – making it more attractive to homeowners. 

The benefits glass shower doors in Toronto offer haven’t changed a whole lot from their initial debut back in the 60s. Thanks to the innovations made in developing tempered glass, today we are still able to enjoy the practical applications and subtle elegance shower glass doors provide.







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