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Achieving Customization With Glass Sandblasting

custom sandblasting Toronto, Woodbridge and GTA

The beauty and versatility of glass make it an important design element in architecture. Aesthetics is at the heart of modern designs. Be it commercial structures or residential buildings, visual appeal is given immense significance. Customization is one of the best ways to add life to buildings of all types. Glass is a versatile material that can be easily customized. The use of customized glass elements is widely used everywhere from hotels and homes to shopping centers to small shops. Have you ever wondered how is glass etched with beautiful designs? Enter glass sandblasting. It is a fascinating technique that allows you to add a touch of personalization and uniqueness to your glass. In this blog, we briefly discuss the process of glass sandblasting. 


The Process of Customizing With Glass Sandblasting


Creating intricate designs on glass is indeed a tricky affair. Even the smallest mistake can sabotage the entire process and lead to a loss of money and time. Getting the design approved by the client is one of the most important steps in sandblasting. This is because once the design has been etched on the glass, it is permanent, leaving no scope for changes. Glass fabricators cover the areas on the glass that are not meant to be sandblasted to avoid possible spillover.

Sandblasting, as the name suggests, is a technique where sand is blasted onto the glass surface with immense force. This erodes away tiny particles from the exposed areas, creating a frosted or etched effect. The depth and intensity of this effect can be controlled by adjusting factors like air pressure and blasting duration. The sand shot onto the glass surface using a specialized device allows for custom etching.


The process of sandblasting is complicated. The scope for error is so minimal that creating custom-etched glass should be left to experts. All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd. is one of the leading names in glass fabrication in Toronto. We deliver aesthetic custom-etched glass to our clients across Toronto and the GTA. We also offer water jet cutting and custom glass fabrication services. Call us today to get a free quote.

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