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Types of Laminated Glass from All Team Glass & Mirror

Types of laminated glass

The importance of calm and peace cannot be understated. The increasing noise pollution in urban areas is a major roadblock to achieving calm and peace. Noise pollution can affect the normal functioning of hospitals, schools, banks, and government institutions. What’s the solution to this dilemma, you might ask. Enter laminated glass. While using glass for aesthetic purposes is common, this versatile material also has significant functional uses. Not only does annealed glass offer protection against noise pollution, but it also offers additional protection against physical intrusion. All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of top-notch safety glasses. We list in this blog the different types of laminated glass from All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd.


Variety of Laminated Glass from All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd.


Clear Laminates

As the name suggests, this is a see-through laminate. Clear laminates are perfect for applications demanding the passage of natural light while keeping noise out. Clear laminates from All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd. are available with annealed and tempered glass layers. See-through laminates are most commonly used in storefronts. This is to ensure customers can see products neatly placed inside the store. 


Colored Laminates

All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd. manufactures and supplies laminates of various colours. Coloured laminates do a great job of creating visual appeal and attracting attention. One of the best things about coloured laminates is that you can find an option to match your office or store’s existing decor. Coloured laminates by All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd. can accentuate your office or store decor.


Custom Laminates

Is there a specific requirement for laminated glass? Look no further than All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd. We boast the capability to fabricate custom laminates of all types and sizes with quick turnaround times. We use the latest tools and equipment to fabricate flawless custom laminates.

We can meet all your glass and mirror needs while ensuring quality and satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art facility in Woodbridge, ON, is equipped with the latest tools and equipment. We also boast decades of experience, making us pioneers in the industry. All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd. also supplies safety glass and tempered glass panels at the best rates. Call us today to place an order. 

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