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Amazing Structures Made of Glass

September 23, 2020

It is undeniable that one of the most remarkable building materials in the world is glass. With the amazing benefits it gives in terms of both support and aesthetics, it is unsurprising that it is utilized in building homes, offices, and any other kind of structure. Architectural glass, in particular, is of great interest to most interior designers and architects around the world. This is primarily because the material provides perfect access to natural light as well as plenty of customization options, while still being strong and stable.


More importantly, it offers the ability to blend interiors with exteriors and transform a structure into a thing of elegant and astonishing beauty.


Some of the breathtaking projects where architectural glass was excellently used include the following:


The National Centre for Performing Arts in China

More popularly known as The Giant Egg, this amazing work of art incorporates intricate designs on glass with perfect symmetry. This massive structure is built to be iconic, which was a feat indeed achieved. A man-made lake surrounds the building, making the architectural glass and titanium stand out even more, creating a great vision that is not only beautiful but also out of this world.


Prada Store in Japan

Jam-packed with fashionable structural elements, the Aoyama district in Tokyo, Japan becomes more striking both to locals and tourists because of one of its most astonishing buildings - the Prada Store. The store sports an eye-catching architectural glass facade with wonderful rhombus-shaped doors alongside elegant lighting. The whole building perfectly reflects the company’s glamorous brand.


The National Stadium in Taiwan

Perhaps its unique dragon-shaped glass design is the building’s most distinctive element. But more than that, the stadium’s greatest wonder is its remarkable use of renewable energy through more than eight thousand solar panels that cover almost the entire roof of the structure. It allows the building to supply its own energy use, achieving more than 100% of its required consumption, with the surplus safely stored.


As you can see, architectural glass presents incredible aesthetic opportunities, both modern and classic. For all you glass fabrication needs, make sure to get in touch with All Team Glass!



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