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The 4 Popular Applications of Tempered Glass

September 21, 2020

When it comes to safety applications, tempered glass is the best way to go. It can be used in various ways in both industrial and commercial spaces. Tempered glass panels are perfect to use as replacement glass, shower enclosures, and so on. They have been the top choice of many users due to their durability and great resistance to heat. Moreover, they also do not pose a potential danger for injury when they break because they don’t have sharp edges. Hence, they are used for many applications and you can see them almost everywhere.


Here are the top three popular applications of tempered glass panels:


In the construction industry   

The ultimate goal of using tempered glass is to ensure the safety. This is why regulations that pertain to the construction industry especially identify the use of safety glass in building both residential and business properties. In houses, tempered glass panels are commonly used as a frameless glass doors or sliding door for maximum protection. They are also the preferred material for creating exterior windows due to the material’s durability. Virtually all glass facade homes use this glass, ensuring safety. 


In the automotive industry

The frequent application of tempered glass for use in the automotive industry is largely attributed to saving lives. Because of the glass’s unique ability to shatter into small, non-lethal fragments, it is widely used as vehicle windshields. Its use has been also associated with fewer traffic incidents and reduced health hazards of broken glass shards.   


In the computer industry

Apart from their great strength, tempered glass panels are also scratch-free, making them a perfect material for computer and laptop monitor screens. While it’s not as likely that you will break the monitor of your laptop or desktop, you may encounter this problem with your mobile phone. As such, many smartphone manufacturers are utilizing tempered glass to make for a durable and scratch-free screen.   


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