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Architectural Glass That Produces Amazing Creations

From its sleek and clean look to the amazing sculptures it can be made into, architectural glass comes in many different styles and forms. In previous years, the utilization of this glass has been restricted to practical applications on windows and doors. Today, this glass has been put into wonderful uses and is mixed with other materials to offer solutions that seemed impossible before with glass fabricators. In fact, modern glass technology makes it possible today to see floors and ceilings made of glass. 


In terms of surfaces and material options, you can choose from various types available on the market today. Here are some reliable facts about these important deciding factors for your next glass project. Because both sides of architectural glass panels can be used, it is important to know which side will be assigned for what particular function. For etched glass, it would be nice to have it as the front portion. Since the material is transparent, the etched design can still be seen from both sides. 



One more important thing to consider when looking for architectural glass is to use the right kind of edging for the product.



The edges have to be polished, which means that their corners will be processed in a polishing machine. This process will cut any imperfections on the glass edge, resulting in smooth beveling that can be created in different styles. You can have round edges or prefer corners similar to those of diamonds. The final look of your glass installation will also be determined by the length of the cut edge or its thickness.



If you prefer that the glass be laminated, it is important to make sure that both pieces match each other completely, as well as their combination will not require further dimension to the panel size. Moreover, it is also crucial to have any drills or cuts be performed prior to lamination. If you want to know more about your options for customizing glass, get in touch with one of our experts here at All Team Glass today. 


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