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Top 4 Reasons Fabricators Outsource Water Jet Cutting Services

A water jet cutting service uses high-pressure water to cut through any material, including the densest steel and concrete materials. Unlike lasers and physical cutters, water jets offer a unique cutting advantage to manufacturers. If you've yet to experience the advantages that come along with water jet cutters, here are four reasons to consider using these services.

Edge Quality

A uniform, burnt-free edge is nearly impossible with physical cutters, such as saws and blades.


Alternatively, lasers cannot cut glass as cleanly as a water jet cutting service.


 Using abrasion and high-pressure water, water jet streams can introduce an excellent smooth surface and even eliminate the need for secondary finishes.


Cost Efficiency

Virtually every water jet cutting service can cut through material with zero repetitions to ensure accuracy. It's capable of cutting through 25mm-thick materials, including steel and aluminum. If you're working with professional water jet cutters, you can expect to have quick turnovers by your appointed deadline or even earlier all while reducing costs.

Complex Shape Cutting

If you have strictly complex shapes and styles for your components, which is the case for most prototyping ventures, complex shape cutting is easier with water jet cutters. Laser cutters might achieve the same cutting quality level as water jets, but laser cutters might still produce a few design inaccuracies due to heat application.

Zero Artefacts

Water jet cutters use zero to minimal heat. All cutting happens during the use of high-pressure water with abrasive particles. In doing so, you have a smooth, cut edge with zero artefacts and burnt edges.


If you have yet to find a reliable water jet cutter, you can always count on us at All Team Glass for all your needs. With the latest technology and experienced staff, our goal is to offer you high quality products with exceptional service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you for your next project!


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