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Clarifying the Most Common Myths about Water Jet Cutting

As water jet cutting service continues to gain popularity, it also becomes associated with a lot of misconceptions. People are asking more questions about it, such as if the perceptions they heard or read are true or not. Thus, clarification of some of the most common myths related to water jet cutting will follow.


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Water jet cutters are excessively loud


If one were to link a cutting machine with a picture that involves mess and noise, then this would be a mistake. Water jet cutters operate depending on the machine’s design. While the cutting process does produce some sound, it is no louder than the noise generated by your household vacuum cleaner. 


Water jet cutting machines are limited in cutting materials


Of course, every cutting machine is not designed to cut all sorts of materials for projects. In fact, each cutting machine has its own shortcomings as well. For water jet cutting, although it cannot cut any material, it is very flexible in its cutting capabilities. It can cut hard materials such as steel, bronze, copper, silver, nickel, and titanium, as well as more fragile materials like foam and carbon fiber.


Water jet cutting is suitable for large companies only


Perhaps this misconception was due to the fact that decades ago, water jet cutting service was mostly pursued by larger companies for bulk part production. However, as more shops are created and perform this cutting service, it works for both small and big projects. If you need just a couple of parts to be cut, then it is possible to do so.


Water jet cutting has a high expense


This claim is also misleading because of its generalized nature. Many factors exist that affect the final cost of this cutting technology. These include the material to be cut, its thickness, and its complexity. In fact, it can be less expensive than other procedures because it uses the common medium of water. 


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