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5 Uses of Decorative Sandblasted Glass

Decorative sandblasting helps achieve the perfect look with glass, which adds to the ambience of any property. Be it frosting the glass or decorating it with design, sandblasted glass is a popular product when working on the interiors of a place. Here are five common uses of such glass.


How to Use Decorative Sandblasted Glass to Add to the Look of Your Property


Glass-Doored Bathrooms

Glass shower doors look amazing, and a simple glass could do the job. But if you want to add a patterned glass door or opt for a more luxurious look, the decorative sandblasted glass would be a good choice.


Skylights add an aesthetic value to any home. And the views that they offer are awe-strikingly beautiful. Additionally, skylights can give you better privacy while letting in natural light if you choose to use sandblasted glass.

Living Room and Office Partitions

Rooms and offices can look too closed with solid walls blocking everyone's view. However, glass partitions guarantee privacy while giving a more visually appealing feel to the living room or office. Furthermore, they're easy to maintain.

Closet Doors

Wood can be used for regular closet doors. But you can give closets an additional dash of personality by using decorative sandblasted glass doors. Sliding glass closets give rooms a unique appeal that might make your room look more elegant.

Wall Replacements

Skylights and sun ports are two ways to gain natural light at home. However, you can also use glass as permanent walls, allowing you to introduce added natural lighting through the walls.


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