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Custom Glass Shower Doors: Framed or Frameless?

April 29, 2020

If you have decided to go for custom glass shower doors instead of a curtain for your shower or bathtub, you still have to make the difficult decision of whether you want a framed or frameless door.  In general, both of these shower glass enclosures are popular alternatives to curtains as they are more effective at keeping water from splashing out, providing a more luxurious look, and are easier to maintain. Moreover, unlike shower curtains, they don’t draw in the cold air as you shower and don’t pose potential health problems caused by PVC liners. Now, to help you decide which option would you take as your custom glass shower doors, let’s differentiate the two shower enclosures.


Framed Shower Doors

Typically, a framed shower glass door has metal frames for support and a structure that is installed against the shower wall and base. Compared with their frameless counterparts, the glass used in framed doors is thinner, ranging from 8mm to 19mm. Framed glass shower doors can also come in a sliding door option if you prefer that but will require more maintenance as water can get into the tracks and cause corrosion. If you still prefer framed shower doors but want a more modern look, then a semi-frameless door would be a perfect option for you. They have a partial metal frame for further support and expose at least one edge of the glass. 


Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower door enclosures are often comprised of a fixed panel and a rotating hinged panel. The fixed panel does not move and is often mounted with one or more brackets. Since they do not come with metal frames, frameless custom glass shower doors are made with thicker tempered safety glass. They get their support from installation mounts and metal hinges instead. Without the frame, these shower enclosures provide a much sleeker, transparent, and modern appeal. Better yet, they are easily customizable which makes them a perfect option if you have a unique shower space.


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