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The Various Kinds Of Materials Used in Water Jet Cutting

May 08, 2020

Water jet cutting is a highly effective process that produces clean cuts in many types of materials. As there is no heat involved, it is a perfect way to prevent heat damage and distortion while ensuring a smooth, clean cut. While many people would associate water jet cutting services with metal, there are many other different materials that can benefit from this kind of cutting technology. Here are the different materials that can be cut with a water jet:



A wide variety of different materials such as reinforced plastics can be cut using a water jet. In fact, fiber-reinforced plastics can be cut quickly and efficiently with water jets, making them a great option for the fabrication of race cars and aerospace components. The same goes when using water jet cutting service for glass-reinforced plastics. It’s also beneficial to note that there is no need to change tooling and there is no release of toxic fumes during the process.


Steel and alloys

Another remarkable advantage of water jet cutting is its great strength as it has the ability to cut steel. In fact, water jet cutting can be used on all grades of steel and can produce smooth edges without burn marks and other unwanted effects that heat-based cutting may produce. The absence of a heat affected zone allows this cutting method to be highly preferable in food processing and material handling parts. 


Apart from steel, other metals like aluminum and titanium can benefit from this process because of its precision, reducing the amount of waste created during the cutting process. Moreover, beyond composites and metals, other materials like glass, stone, ceramics, rubber, wood, and concrete can also be cut. This makes water jet cutting perfect for shower glass doors, granite countertops, and architectural features. 


If you have yet to find a water jet cutting service provider, contact All Team Glass today to learn more about what we can do for you. 


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