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Design Tips for Custom Glass Shower Doors

A simple shower curtain can keep a bathroom floor free of water, but shower doors offer the same solution and more. They will enhance the look of bathrooms while providing water-tight seals, privacy, and quick shower access. These elegant features can enclose three shower types: bathtub, walk-in (situated in a corner), and alcove stand-alone stalls. The selected doors largely depend on the structure’s design. Another important consideration is the layout of the bathroom. Custom glass shower doors will need enough clearance in the room to open entirely. In addition, the extent of space around the shower determines which direction these doors open.


All Team Glass & Mirror specializes in the fabrication of custom glass shower doors, and we are committed to fulfilling what our clientele is looking for.


It is crucial to keep in mind the dimensions of a shower’s opening, and the standard door size in this case falls between 22 and 36 inches. If a shower opening is larger than 36 inches, it will likely require an additional door panel, or shower doors that are designed for wide openings.


Types of Glass Shower Doors and Their Design


The glass’s thickness within shower doors depends on a number of factors, such as the stability and ease of gliding that comes with a thicker and heavier glass door. These stylish features can also be clear, frosted, textured, or patterned. According to personal preference, clear shower doors make it possible to showcase tile or stonework in the enclosure and present the feeling of more space in a smaller bathroom, while frosted, textured, or patterned glass can supply differing levels of privacy in the shower. Lastly, taking careful measurements will help with the ideal selection of this product.


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