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Advantages of using Tempered Glass Panels

Tempered glass panels are the best choice for when large expanses of glass are needed. They are also successful at maximizing clear views while providing wind load and thermal stress resistance. Architects often choose tempered glass as a glazing product for applications that require durability, strength, and safety. Compared to annealed glass, this type of material has ten times the strength, and it is used frequently in doors, sidelights, and more potentially hazardous locations where safety glazing is required. Tempered glass is an ideal selection when it comes to meeting performance standards as well.


All Team Glass & Mirror produces tempered glass panels that meet the needs of our clients, among other products that reach a high level of quality.


Manufacturing process


To achieve the strength and safety properties of this particular glass, annealed glass is heated in a tempering oven. Next, the surface of the material is rapidly cooled using high-pressure blasts of air, which causes the glass’s outer portions to cool quicker than the centre. This creates a balance of compression at the surface and tension at the core, lending the glass its strength. Tempered glass also obtains a distinct break pattern from the manufacturing process. When broken, It fractures into relatively small pieces, decreasing the possibility of injuries or harm.


Beneficial outcomes


Specialty tempered glass experiences a more intense heating and cooling cycle than standard versions, which are usually found as safety glazing. Undergoing a unique tempering process, combined with special edge treatment, leads to a significant increase in the material’s resistance to force and thermal stress.


Browse our website and contact us today for more information about the tempered glass panels we offer at All Team Glass & Mirror, and how our team is prepared to support your projects with a wide range of trustworthy products and services.

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