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Different Options for Architectural Glass

November 10, 2020

From trendy and clean to ornate and complex, architectural glass can come in many different styles and types. In the past, the use of glass was limited to practical applications in terms of windows. However, as architecture continued to advance, glass has been put to more creative uses and is mixed with other materials to offer solutions that were not possible before. Today, this type of glass is known as architectural glass. It can be used to make floors, walls, and ceilings.


In terms of options and surfaces, there are various types of glass available in the market:


One of the features you can add to architectural glass is etching. You can create custom designs on your glass which can be seen from both sides. Etched glass is typically used for doors, as the ornate design stands out more.


One more important factor to consider when planning to use architectural glass is to have the right kind of edging for the product. The edges of the glass have to be polished which means that their corners will be processed. This process will remove any imperfections on the glass edge, resulting in smooth beveling that can be made into varying styles.


Also, you can have either rounded edges or sharp corners. Whatever your choice is, the final look of your glass product will be largely determined by the length of the cut edge or its thickness. In case you want to have your glass laminated, there are also different options when it comes the types of lamination you can use. There are strength-enhancing laminations as well as ones that are meant for specific weather conditions. It’s critical to have any drills or cuts be done prior to the lamination. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to do so afterwards.


Whatever your specifications are, you can bet that the fabrication team at All Team Glass can get it done. Just get in touch with us to learn more about your options!



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