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4 Critical Uses of Tempered Glass Panels

November 18, 2020

Basic glass products can be brittle and weak. When they break, they typically shatter into small, sharp pieces that are dangerous. This is why a different type of glass needed to be developed for applications that require more strength and safety. Tempered glass panels have reinforced, hardened materials that take typical brittle glass to the next level.


Here are four applications of tempered glass panels:


Heat Resistance

Manufacturers of excellent drinking glasses use a typical glass that cannot resist high levels of heat. However, tempered glass panels, which oven, stove, and kitchen appliance manufacturers use in their appliances extensively, can resist higher heat levels. In doing so, they become crucial components of not just residential appliances, but also industrial-level kitchen equipment.


Vehicle Protection as Windows

Almost all vehicles nowadays use tempered glass panels as windows. Reinforced vehicle windows can withstand a hammer's impact. Windshields have double the density of typical tempered glass for added driver and passenger protection. Furthermore, if the glass is impacted to hard that it shatters, its pieces will stay together rather than fall into sharp pieces.


Retail Store Displays

Countertops, display corners, and shop fronts use tempered glass for optimal protection. In doing so, shops can display and advertise their goods without fear of somebody attempting to break in quickly. Furthermore, top-quality tempered glass, such as those that All Team Glass manufactures, provides complete-sealing insulation. 


Laptops and Smartphones

Smartphones, laptops, and other LCD devices nowadays have reinforced glass, which can withstand significant impact. Truthfully, they might add to device production cost, but their benefits are undeniably worth the added price. 


If you have yet to find a dependable glass manufacturer, you can always count on All Team Glass to deliver what you need. With decades of collective experience in the industry and top-grade glass manufacturing equipment and facilities, we're confident that we can deliver everything that you need. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!

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