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Different Types of Architectural Glass

One substance used as a building material is architectural glass. Most often, it acts as transparent glazing material in a building’s envelope, which includes windows set in the external walls. This type of glass is also found as internal partitions or simply as architectural features. In the case of being incorporated within buildings, the glass is usually a kind designed for safety, such as reinforced, toughened, and laminated glass.


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Cast Glass


This process involves glass objects being cast by channeling molten glass into a mould, allowing it to solidify. The technique of glass casting has been present since the Egyptian period. Modern-day versions of this material are created by several procedures, like kiln casting, or casting with sand, graphite, or metal moulds.


Crown Glass


The method used to make crown glass was one of the earliest seen in the realm of glass window manufacturing. Prepared material is cut open and rapidly spun on a table before it can cool. The hot globe of glass is shaped into a round, flat sheet with the help of centrifugal force. After being broken off a pipe fixture, the sheet is trimmed in order to fit into a frame as a rectangular window.


Cylinder Glass


When it comes to this manufacturing process, a cylindrical iron mould is chosen to blow glass into. The next step would be to cut off the ends and make a cut along the side of the cylinder. Following this, the material is placed inside an oven, which results in the cylinder unrolling into a flat glass sheet.

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