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The Uses of Tempered Safety Glass

Tempered safety glass comes in the form of a single piece of glass. It becomes tempered after a specific process, which heats and quickly cools the material in order to harden it. This procedure raises the strength of the glass, as much as 5 to 10 times when compared to untempered glass. It is important to note that this type of glass, having undergone the steps of tempering, breaks in a different manner than regular and clear versions of this material. In the case of high impact, it does not separate into sharp and jagged pieces, a state associated with regular window panes or mirrors. It breaks instead into small pebble-like pieces, and there is an absence of sharp edges.


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Safety glass in the tempered category can be found as the side and rear windows of vehicles. It also functions as components of eyewear, after undergoing a chemical process for the tempering to take place.




A number of uses can be attributed to tempered glass. It is possible to make computer monitors from it, along with liquid crystal displays. Features such as skylights and refrigerator shelves can be constructed from this material as well. Other fabrications, including oven doors and storm doors, are commonly created with the addition of tempered glass.

One can easily identify glass of this kind in a vehicle’s rear window for instance. On a sun-filled day, with the help of polarized sunglasses, a symmetrical pattern within the glass (formed during the tempering procedure) will be seen, as long as it is viewed from a certain angle.

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