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Everything You Need To Know About Architectural Glass

Glass has been extensively used as part of architecture for many centuries. The addition of aesthetic value that glasses offer cannot be undermined. Glasses are widely used across the world as architectural features for both indoor and outdoor spaces. In this blog, we discuss architectural glass.


What Is Architectural Glass?


The glass used for glazing and making windows in a building are all considered architectural glass. Basically, any toughened, laminated, or reinforced glass used as an architectural feature is regarded as architectural glass. 


Factors like visible light transmission, direction and orientation of the building, heat gains and heat reduction are essential factors to be considered while choosing the right type of glass for your construction project.


The versatility, safety, and cost-effectiveness of glass make it a popular construction material. Glass can be easily implemented into architectural plans of diverse nature with relative ease. In addition, it can be easily transported from one place to another and sourced worldwide due to its easy availability.


Following Are Some of the Common Types of Glasses Used In Architecture


Polished plate glass


Polished plate glass is used extensively in the construction industry. This type of glass was initially made by casting it on a table first and then grinding and polishing it. This meticulous process was initially done by hand. With the invention of modern machinery and equipment, however, the process of polishing and grinding plate glass is automated. 


Float Glass


Float glass is the most common type of glass used worldwide. Sir Alastair Pilkington invented float glass in the 1950s. Molten glass is poured onto a molten tin bath for making this type of glass. Apart from being used as architectural features, float glasses are used for making mirrors as well. 


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