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Applications Of Water Jet Cutting Services

Numerous industries rely on water jet cutting services because of their accuracy. As the name suggests, water jets use high-pressure water released from a small nozzle. Since the outlet provided by the nozzle for water to be released is small, water comes out of the jet at high pressure. 

The pressure at which the water shoots out of the jet is so high that it cuts through different materials easily. One of the significant benefits of water jet cutting is that there is no direct contact between the cutter and the workpiece. This ensures that there is no alteration in the shape or size of the workpiece, offering a fine finish. 


Significant Applications of Water Jet Cutting Services


There is no limit to the shape that a workpiece can be cut into using water jets. As a result, there are many industrial applications of water jet cutting. Let's take a look at some of them.

  • Glass cutting: Water jets are the preferred cutting method in the glass industry. Glass fabricators avoid machine cutting because of several adverse effects like breaking the glass and irregular cutting. There is no vibration when water jets are used, leading to smooth edges and better finishing. For architectural glass cutting, using water jets is highly recommended.

  • Steel fabrication: It is a common misconception that water jets are ideal for cutting brittle workpieces like glass but not good enough for cutting through hard materials. This belief can be put to rest because steel fabricators use water jet cutting extensively.

  • Aerospace: The aerospace industry makes extensive use of titanium. Water jet is one of the best methods of cutting titanium in the desired shape with the highest accuracy. The aerospace industry often outsources water jet cutting services for the best results.

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