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Highly Versatile Glass For Modern Buildings

January 20, 2021

The performance of laminated safety glass in any structural application largely depends on geometric properties like its composition, aspect ratio, and slenderness. Its structural behaviour is further enhanced with the application of heat strengthening and the tempering to its components. Moreover, the incorporation of high performance coatings, as well as solar control features, make the composite material ideal to use in energy-efficient buildings. This type of glass is perfect for uses in places with warm climates. And finally, there is a wide range of different glass types to choose from, providing various design palettes. 


Apart from its safety features, the versatility of laminated safety glass has been widely recognized.


It can be used even in applications where strength is required and can still be provided with either toughened or strengthened components. It can be manufactured for almost all applications to offer protection against ultraviolet rays, solar control, impact, as well as against theft and burglary. Additionally, this glass can be combined with insulating glass and is also applicable for structural glazing. It is indeed a highly versatile material which offers latent integrity and strength. 


With the development of advanced computing facilities, the stress analysis of laminated safety glass is subjected to lateral loading becomes easily accessible to engineers. This results in the elimination of the need for the correction pressure factors which are necessary for normal annealed glass design charts. It also leads to the possibility of correct modeling of the effects of the pvb interlayer even at elevated temperatures. 


This glass provides solutions to many needs for glass when it comes to meeting design and application requirements. It comes in different composition and thicknesses, offering a great solution to a wide array of uses in modern buildings. If you’re interested in outfitting a building, or component of your home, All Team Glass has an experienced team that provides safety and dedication. Call us today to learn about our range of tempered glass products!


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