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Decorative Sandblasting: Achieving the Design You Uniquely Want

January 27, 2021

Sandblasting is commonly associated with the process of preparing industrial products for finishing and coating purposes. 


Decorative sandblasting involves subjecting a glass sheet to the abrasive action of sand that is projected by a jet of compressed air. With the impact of the blasting, the transparent and smooth surface of the glass sheet turns rough and opaque. The process can also be done only in specific parts of the surface of the sheet, creating decorative results of great visual effects.


Sandblasted glass, while losing their transparency, can still let the light pass through them. This makes them very helpful in contemporary interior design applications to create an extremely unique and attractive design element. In fact, decorative sandblasting is the most effective way you can give your glass or mirror panels an elegant look. Moreover, designs for your sandblasted glass also vary either with a frosted background or the negative effect, or frosted pattern or the positive pattern. The design is produced with the help of computer design software to give you the best possible results. 


It is also possible to hand cut the design to achieve traditional authenticity as multi-level decorative sandblasting can add a beautiful 3D appeal to your glass. The process can also be done on other materials like metals and wood. In terms of other alternatives, a film made from vinyl can also be applied to the glass panels that resemble the design you want to achieve. However, the results can’t match that of the sandblasting with all the details in high accuracy and depth. 


The texture that sandblasted decorative glass offers is also unmatched. You can achieve any feeling you want to give to space where you will have the decorative item be installed. Ultimately, you can have that decorative piece stay for as long as you want and it is durable and can last a lifetime.


If you’re looking to add a unique and decorative touch to your glass, contact us at All Team Glass to learn about what our team of experts can do for you!


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