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Two Common Methods Of Manufacturing Custom Etched Glass

Etched glass is known for its artful pattern, which sets it apart from the conventional smooth and transparent glass. Thanks to frosted design etching, you can have a variety of glass fixtures that are aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to manufacturing custom etched glass, there are two common ways to attain it, sandblasting and acid etching. 


Difference Between The Popular Methods of Manufacturing Custom Etched Glass




Using sand, glass manufacturers can create an extensive pattern with much more accuracy. In this process, a machine blasts sand or other similar abrasive material on the glass surface at high speeds, creating fascinating patterns. Here are some pros and cons of this method. 


Manufacturer Safety

Sandblasted custom etched glass guarantees employee safety with the right sandblasting equipment. In addition, this process is much faster than acid etching. At All Team Glass, this promise of safety and fast turnaround time is upheld by our expert staff. 


Acid etching requires task-specific equipment due to the use of chemicals, making the task gruelling and expensive. With sandblasting, manufacturers have simpler tools and methods to achieve the project results you want. Thus, the initial equipment cost might be higher for sandblasting, but it is more cost-effective in the long run. 


More Maintenance Required

Etched glass made with this process is not as smooth as acid etched glass, hence it is more likely to leave fingerprints on its surface. This requires regular cleaning and maintenance. 

Acid Etching

Acid etching is a more organic process than sandblasting, where hexafluorosilicic acid is made from scratch. This acid is then consequently used to create smooth, beautiful patterns on the glass. Here are some pros and cons of this method. 


Unique Results

The acid etch process can create a wide variety of unique etches, giving manufacturers more wiggle room to add new designs. Moreover, acid's unpredictability makes its frosted patterns one of a kind for many projects. Additionally, various acids can be used to design different silica peeling patterns.

Low Maintenance

Custom etched glass made using this method is much smoother than its sandblasted counterpart. Hence it does not leave fingerprints and is quite easy to maintain. 


Hazardous In Nature

Manufacturers of acid etched glass require special safety and manufacturing equipment. Therefore, it takes much more time to produce because of the safety protocols in place, for the acid used in this process is highly corrosive.

At All Team Glass, you can get both sandblasted and acid etched glass with the best results possible. Visit our website today to learn more about our products and services. 

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