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3 Major Types of Safety Glass And Their Applications

While glass finds use in a wide range of industries, it is often extremely brittle. It can not only break easily but can also pose a safety hazard. To remedy this, safety glass was introduced into the fray, its toughness finding plenty of applications in tactical and industrial fields. Safety glass can be classified into three basic types, toughened glass, laminated glass and wire mesh glass. 


Types of Safety Glass in Greater Detail


Toughened Glass


Regular glass, when broken, creates a jagged, haphazard pattern, posing a safety risk. Toughened glass or tempered glass, on the other hand, breaks down into granular chunks when broken, making it easier to clean up. This is achieved by applying thermal or chemical stress on the glass sheet, improving its resilience and giving it the desired granular structure when broken. Thus, it is majorly used in making windows for passenger cars, such as the high-quality safety glass manufactured by All Team Glass, the leader in custom glass fabrication for decades. Ultimately, the lack of jagged edges can be a lifesaver during tight situations. 


Laminated Glass


Laminated Glass is a mixture of plastic and glass, and these materials are held together by something known as the interlayer. When the glass breaks, the interlayer keeps the entire structure together, even if the safety glass between the layers shatters into tiny pieces. Thus, the overall structure of the laminated glass is not compromised on impact, and widespread spiderweb cracks may appear on the surface at worst. This spiderweb pattern is often seen in shattered windshields of automobiles, where it is widely used due to its safety features. 


Wire Mesh Glass


A growing need for fire-resistant glass led to the creation of wire mesh glass. This safety glass consists of a metallic wire mesh running through the glass. This lattice makes this type of glass highly resistant to heat, making it useful in mainly service elevators. However, the creation of better safety glass materials has made wire mesh glass obsolete in many countries, although it still finds widespread use in many parts of the globe.


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