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Safety Glass for Kitchens

March 05, 2020

Safety glass is needed everywhere, from bathrooms to office buildings and more. One of the more overlooked places is the kitchen, where there are similar safety concerns to bathrooms. Measuring 4mm to 19mm in thickness, our safety glass panels are known for their durability and reliability, making them perfectly suitable for use in kitchens.


Considering many kitchens feature more cramped spaces than other parts of a home, it is imperative that the best safety precautions are undertaken to ensure that minor mishaps do not turn into costly accidents. Similarly to a bathroom, kitchens also require their inhabitants to interact closely with objects that may be more fragile or hard to use. Homeowners will certainly want to avoid the issue of shattering glass, fractures, cracks, and more in their kitchen.


On top of providing additional safety measures for your kitchen, safety glass can also be aesthetically pleasing and can help enhance the look and design of your kitchen.


Here are just some of the latest trends when it comes to glass fixtures in kitchens:


  • Cabinets – Glass cabinets provide two layers of benefits. One, by enhancing a more modernist or minimalist look for a kitchen, and two, by adding the functionality of allowing users to see inside the cabinet from outside.
  • Islands – Homes that are opting for a more futuristic look will benefit from the sleek and stylish designs of glass islands. For an added touch, illuminating lights can be added underneath the glass.
  • Partitions – Many modern homes feature a more open concept, using glass partitions and walls to create the illusion of bright, wide spaces. If you’re looking to get a partition between your kitchen and other areas of the home, make sure you use only the most high-quality glass.


At All Team Glass, we have a wide range of glass products and services including custom fabrication. Rest assured, whatever it is you need in terms of architectural or decorative glass, we will be able to provide it. Contact us today to learn more about our products!

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