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The Many Uses of Tempered Glass Panels

March 12, 2020

Tempered glass panels are considered a must-have in most manufacturing and architectural projects. Their uses are widespread, providing great benefits to many different types of industries. The perfection of the tempering process has helped society advance to the point it has today, by making products stronger, safer, and more reliable. Considering the benefits, the process of tempering is truly a game-changer for society.


Here are just some of the many ways tempered glass panels are used in everyday products:


1. Vehicles

Nowadays, every glass fixture in a vehicle has been optimized to have tempered properties. The most important glass fixture in a car is the windshield, which is typically the area of most concern when it comes to collisions, accidents, or even weather events. With tempered glass, the windshields no longer shatter into thousands of small, potentially lethal pieces. Instead, the glass simply cracks but maintains its shape.


2. Electronics

In a much smaller size, tempered glass panels are also used in electronics. Laptop or monitor screen need to be tempered to ensure that accidents do not result in costly repairs or replacement. Nowadays, phone screen protectors are also tempered to make sure you get the most benefits out of the protector screen. These benefits not only include anti-shatter or anti-crack properties, but helps you avoid scratches.


3. Buildings

In buildings that utilize a lot of glass architecture, it is crucial for them to only use glass materials that are tempered. Whether they are constructing windows, barriers, railings, or more, using glass that is not tempered can pose serious safety risks to the general public. Tempered glass is much stronger, can withstand more stress, and most importantly, will not shatter or break apart into many pieces. For these reasons, all contractors and builders must make sure they have a supply of good tempered glass for their projects.


For all your architectural glass needs, make sure to get in touch with All Team Glass. We have all kinds of glass products, including tempered ones.

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