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How Are Tempered Glass Panels Made?

Architects and interior designers widely use tempered glass panels due to their significant advantages. These glass panels are used for making bathroom doors and sliding windows in residential and commercial buildings. The use of tempered glass in areas prone to damage is extensive. Unlike traditional glasses that break into dangerous sharp pieces, toughened glass shatters into tiny, harmless granules. This is one of the significant benefits of tempered glass panels.


Some of the Other Advantages of Tempered Glass Are: 


  • Strength - Tempered glass does not break as easily as traditional glass, which makes it an ideal material for manufacturing safety glasses
  • Better visibility - Toughened glass offers better visibility as compared to traditional glass. This makes toughened glass the go-to choice for windows in high-rises. 
  • Customizable - Tempered glass is flexible and versatile. It can also be customized to fit your requirements perfectly.


How Are Toughened Glass Panels Made?


This blog lists the steps involved in the manufacturing of tempered glass panels.


Cutting and examination


First, glass is cut to the desired size, depending on the nature of the project. Then, the glass is checked for any extensions or imperfections that could affect the strength of the glass. Finally, the glass is polished using an abrasive for finishing.



Once the glass is cut and polished, it passes through a heating furnace for thermal tempering. During this process, the glass is subjected to over 600 degrees Celcius. This amount of heat is way above the glass's transition temperature.




Soon after, air ducts pump cold air over the heated glass. This cools the exterior far quicker than it cools the center of the glass, which allows for airflow to continue in the center for some time. This process of rapid cooling is called quenching. Heating and quenching together toughen the glass.


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