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Tempered Glass Panels Installation: 3 Safety Tips

Tempered glass is specifically designed to enhance safety. For its integrity, tempered glass is used in windows, buildings, and bathrooms. This type of glass shatters into small, round pieces with smooth edges under pressure, preventing major accidents. With many salient features, tempered glass panels are always in demand. Even though these glasses are known for their safety features, there are a few things one must keep in mind while installing tempered glass panels.


How to Safely Install Tempered Glass Panels


Wear safety goggles:

Wearing protective eye gear is a must while handling tempered glass panels. Safety goggles will protect your eyes if the glass breaks during the installation process. Make sure the goggles you wear fit perfectly and there are no gaps for pieces of glass to enter. Proper eyewear will let you work confidently.


Use corner protectors:

While tempered glass is hard to break, it is vulnerable at the corners. Ensuring the safety of the corners will help you avoid any accidents. Use corner protectors to bolster its safety, especially if you need to move or carry the glass. If the glass is heavy and you need to slide it to the desired location, make sure the corner protectors do not get snagged.


Watch the room temperature:

Room temperature is a major factor that affects the glass panels. It is significant to check the room temperature during the installation process. Temperature shifts could make the glass vulnerable. Hence, it is recommended to leave the glass in the room overnight. This could help your glass panel adapt to the room temperature and make the installation process less risky.


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