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5 Basic Steps of Glass Fabrication

Glass fabrication remains in high demand from numerous construction and real-estate businesses worldwide. However, modern glass is far from its grainy and fragile predecessor. Advanced fabrication practices, coupled with modern technologies have given birth to a range of robust and long-lasting glass products. 


Here Are The 5 Basic Steps Involved In Modern Glass Fabrication



Silica sand, sodium ash, calcium oxide, dolomite, and other raw materials require melting to refine and purify the elements. Once melted with tin, their proportionate amounts are mixed together according to the glass fabrication specifications. Then, this mixture is transferred to a furnace bath.

Furnace Bath

The molten tin with a mirror-like surface serves as the floating and mixing basin for all the other raw materials to coagulate. The tin bath has a temperature of 1,500-degree Celsius to ensure that the raw materials remain in a liquid state. Once it leaves the bath, its temperature drops, but not enough to solidify the material.


This process dissipates and removes the stress of high heat by passing through a series of specially-made tunnels. The tunnels allow the glass to cool off and to even out the material's surface naturally. In doing so, the glass is finally ready for cutting and moulding after undergoing a quality control inspection.

Quality Control

Top-tier fabricators, such as All Team Glass, use quality control specialists to spot material inconsistencies and issues. Doing this eliminates any risk of glass deformities, crumbling, and brittle spots before the cutting and grinding can commence. Quality control departments thoroughly check the strength and quality of the tempered glass.

Cutting and Grinding

High-quality fabricators cut and grind using sophisticated equipment. Most high-tier ones use water jet cutting services for an exceptionally smooth and fine cut that is suitable for all glass types, including thick and reinforced tempered glass.

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