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4 Advantages Of Using Glass Made With Decorative Sandblasting

Manufacturers who use decorative sandblasting can create a beautiful, yet highly efficient glass panel that can be used for various purposes. Additionally, they're greatly affordable and have a swift turnaround time. Many offices tend to use sandblasted glass for this reason, so if you have office space that needs redecoration, you may want to consider transitioning to these glass panels. If you're still uncertain about using this type of glass, here are some benefits to help you decide. 


4 Merits of Sandblasted Glass


Open-Spaced Aesthetics

Offices with an open floor plan require a certain amount of privacy without introducing a solid, opaque wall that limits everyone's line of sight. For such cases, sandblasted glass doors and windows are an excellent choice because you get a partition that is aesthetically pleasing and semi-transparent. 

Maximum Daylight Utilisation

Using non-opaque sandblasted glass allows external windows to introduce sunlight and spread it equally throughout the office space. In doing so, you can turn off artificial lighting during the daytime and allow everyone to enjoy the natural light. Thus, decorative sandblasted windows and doors maximize energy-saving for your office.

Fully Customisable

High-quality decorative sandblasting services, offered by custom glass fabrication pioneers such as All Team Glass, provide a plethora of unique features. These include dimensional modifications, customized glass etching patterns, and made-to-order quantities. As a result, sandblasted glass is fully customizable, while being easy on the eyes compared to its plain glass counterparts.

Designed to Fit Any Port

With full customization comes the added benefit of fitting the glass panels onto any port, door, window, frame and decorative space. In addition, highly reliable manufacturers have dedicated installation teams that can prop up and secure the glass effectively.

All Team Glass is a glass specialist firm with decades of experience in providing top-notch decorative and architectural glass manufacturing services, in addition to customization, and installation. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!

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