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The Benefits of Glass Sandblasting Beyond Aesthetics

Aesthetics is crucial in modern architecture. The importance of having a visually appealing exterior and interior cannot be understated. However, it is also exceedingly important to understand that aesthetics is not everything. Glass is an inextricable element of architecture. The ability of glass to make any space aesthetic is impressive. Glass fabricators and designers use different techniques to make glass panels look beautiful. Glass sandblasting is a common technique designers use to etch beautiful designs on glass panels. While much has been discussed about the aesthetic benefits of sandblasting, its other benefits are rarely talked about. We list in this blog the applications of glass sandblasting that go beyond aesthetics.


The Applications of Glass Sandblasting Beyond Aesthetics

Toughened glass does a great job of offering an additional layer of security to all types of buildings. The strength of modern safety glass panels makes them apt to be used in storefronts and office doors. Glass is a preferred material because it also does a great job of letting natural light in. Offering privacy is the one area where glass panels lag. This is where glass sandblasting comes in. 

Through sandblasting, glass fabricators ensure you get privacy without compromising the aforementioned benefits. A frosted look is achieved when sand is shot at the glass through a tiny nozzle at high speed. The resultant frosted look ensures complete privacy while making the glass even more appealing.

Sandblasting is also used for branding and advertising. You must have come across glass doors or windows with a business name etched on them. This is achieved, thanks to glass sandblasting. This helps increase brand visibility and make businesses and offices stand out. 



Glass sandblasting is a versatile technique that offers more than just aesthetic benefits. You can count on All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd. for all your sandblasting needs. Our expansive facility in Woodbridge, ON is equipped with the latest equipment to serve all your glass fabrication and designing needs. We manufacture and supply architectural, tempered, and safety glass at the best rates. Call us today to learn about all we can do for you. 

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