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The Use of Laminated Glass As Store Fixtures

Architects, designers, and contractors use glass for residential and commercial projects. The countless applications of glass make it crucial in modern architecture. Did you know that all glass is not the same? Yes, there are different types of glass available in the market. Each type has different benefits and is suitable for different applications. Tempered, safety, and architecture are some common glass types. However, in this blog, we talk about tempered glass known for its impressive strength. This glass is often stronger than its counterparts because it is made by bonding two plies of glass. The interlayers between to panels help create a strong permanent bond. This glass is used mainly for store fixtures. Read this blog until the end to learn about how laminated glass is used for store fixtures.


Applications of Laminated Glass As Store Fixtures


Display Cases

Laminated glass is commonly used to make display cases in stores. You will hardly find a jeweller or watch dealer that doesn't have laminated glass display cases. Why are laminate glasses used as display cases? This is because the transparency of the glass allows customers to examine products without touching or smudging them. What's more? The durability of the glass ensures that items are securely showcased. 


Shelving Units

Laminate glass is perfect for making custom shelving units. The clean lines and transparency make glass shelving units aesthetic. The strength and durability mean that the shelf can be safely used to display products. The style and functionality that glass offers make it a favourite choice of store owners for shelves in their stores. 


Security Elements

Laminated glass is often used by store owners to bolster the security. Be it storefronts, windows, or doors, laminate glass offers additional security. The strength and durability of laminate glass provide security against potential intruders and extreme weather. It also has soundproofing properties, reducing external noise levels and creating a more comfortable shopping environment.

Whether used in storefronts, windows, shelving units, or display cases, laminated glass offers numerous benefits that contribute to enhancing the overall shopping experience. All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd. supplies laminated glass to contractors, designers, architects, and store owners across Toronto and the GTA. We are a leading glass manufacturer and fabricator that offers custom custom glass and mirror solutions. Call us today to learn about all we can do for you.

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