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The Benefits of Using Safety Glass Compared to Standard Glass

The use of tempered glass, sometimes referred to as safety glass, has become very popular. It can be used in cars, computers, cell phones, windows, construction and various industrial applications.


Due to its resistance and versatility, the demand for safety glass is constantly increasing.


When it comes to the construction industry, safety glass is widely used as windows, doors, and dividers. It looks like regular glass, but tempered glass is crafted in a different way that makes it much stronger and safer.


Tempered glass is much stronger compared to regular glass. It doesn’t shatter into sharp fragments, either, when it breaks. Instead it breaks into small pebble-like pieces that do not have sharp edges. This provides further peace of mind and safety.


  • Durability and Strength - Due to the durability and strength that it offers, tempered glass panels are commonly used as safety glass. They can withstand and survive strong winds and heavy rains as well as impacts. They can also be used for frameless windows.


  • Safety - With five times the strength of untreated glass, tempered glass panels are safer to use for windows and doors. It greatly reduces the risk of accidents, because it has higher resistance to breaking but is also guaranteed to last longer and resist scratches.


  • Quality and Features - Aside from offering great strength and durability, tempered glass panels are commonly used as safety glass windows and doors in laboratories because they provide excellent transparency for observation rooms. With heat resistance qualities, they also help to regulate the temperature of any room.


The use of tempered glass in numerous industries, as well as domestic applications, is increasingly the industry standard.


If your construction project or product could benefit from tempered safety glass, call or visit All Team Glass and Mirror; we have the experience and equipment to take on any project!