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The Essential Tempered Glass Panels

Tempered glass panels are a type of safety glass produced through controlled chemical and thermal treatments to increase its strength well above that of normal glass. The process puts the outer surfaces of the glass into compression and the inner ones into tension.


These stresses multiply the strength of the tempered glass panels and cause it, if broken, to crumble into small chunks rather than large shards.


While this concept is not so new, some of its applications are a very modern. Tempered glass panels, for example, has only been used to make screen protectors for mobile phones for about decade. We are more used to seeing tempered glass panels on home appliances and energy efficient windows.


Because of its strength and safety, tempered glass has found its way into almost all applications that require a tough and transparent material. It is found in passenger vehicle windows, architectural glass doors, refrigerator trays, tables, and windows made almost entirely of tempered glass panels. It is one of the main components of bullet proof glass, diving masks and different types of cookware and plates.


The main advantage of having tempered glass panels over standard glass is that they are thermally and physically stronger. Your house is likely to be warmer and more energy efficient year-round. You need something that can adapt to temperature and climatic changes without yielding, whether at home or for any manufacturing venture. The contraction of the inner layer in the manufacturing process induces compressive stresses that are balanced by the body’s tensile stresses.


In order for glass to be considered reinforced or secure, it must withstand a minimum of 10,000 psi compressive stress. Safety glass is must be made so it will crumble to the smallest possible particles when broken. This means that the compressive strength should exceed at least 15,000 psi. Materials with greater surface stress can crumble into smaller particles.


Home applications for tempered glass panels include frameless doors and structurally loaded applications. At All Team Glass, it is our work to guarantee your safety and confidence.