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The Role of Coatings in Glass Fabrication

May 21, 2020

Glass as a building material comes in various grades which can be enhanced through the innovations of different coating techniques. There are various options when it comes to glass coatings. They can be used to help minimize conductive heat loss or control solar heat gain or loss. They also offer easy maintenance of glass products and enhance material performance by filtering radiation, glare, and sound transmission.


They come in two primary types: low-emissivity coatings for energy efficiency and safety, and specialty coatings for enhanced performances.    


Glass coatings can be done in two different ways. Online coating, otherwise known as hard coating or pyrolytic coating, is applied during the glass fabrication process where coatings become a durable part of the glass. It is applied before the glass has cooled and can be heat strengthened, toughened or laminated by vaporizing the chemical compound onto the glass.


The other method is called soft coating, also known as offline or vacuum coating which uses a cathodic vapour deposition process. It is added after the glass has been manufactured and cut. This type of coating is often used in double glazed units as it produces lower solar heat gain. 


Meanwhile, specialized glass coatings offer great properties for special applications. In particular, conductive coatings are applied for frost-free windscreens and electro-optical applications. A relatively new type of special coating is liquid crystal glazing which can be done for added security or privacy. 


One of the major concerns with coating is the extra cost it adds to the glass fabrication process, which all depends on the type you need for your project. However, the options with glass coatings are endless and the benefits will surely pay off in the long run.


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