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The Various Applications of Safety Glass

Safety glass is a widely useful type of glass that holds great benefits for whatever its application. This type of glass is, as it’s named, designed with safety in mind. Safety glass, which can sometimes refer to laminated glass and tempered glass, is glass that is strengthened, which allow for more durability against physical impact.


At All Team Glass, We Offer Safety Glass Panels for a Number of Different Applications!


These glass panels are not only strengthened. When safety glass is broken, they do not shatter into sharp shards which can potentially harm anyone nearby. Instead, they shatter into little glass pebbles or chunks that pose no physical threat!


Safety or tempered glass provide safety and security to a range of applications, some of which include:



Showers can get really slippery and occasionally, you might slip and fall. When this happens, there’s always a chance of breaking the panels when you do, potentially causing serious damage to yourself. Glass shower doors that are made using tempered glass eliminate this risk of the glass harming you!



Security is important, especially when it comes to the security of your store business. Using laminated or tempered glass, your store has an added layer of security as this type of glass is a lot more durable, offering more security and safety to your business!



The safety of you and your passengers when travelling in a car is highly important. Car windshields are made using laminated and tempered glass for the sole purpose of providing safety to you and your passengers.

Measuring 4mm to 19mm, our safety glass panels take pride in the durability and safety of our products. With a huge clientele in the Toronto area, one can only say that safety glass is an exceptionally useful and important type of glass that many businesses and homeowners should opt in using.

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