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Top 3 Bathroom Décor Trends Dominating 2018

Glass shower doors, mood lighting, and bamboo… What do these three things have in common? Home interior trends all indicate that these décor accents have the muscle to transform a room. The power to turn your bathroom into a dream getaway is at your fingertips. We have put together some of our favourite redecorating hits of the season. Interested in shaking things up around the house? Read on to find out!


Renovation Rejuvenation


Don’t have time for a spa day? No worries. We have compiled a list of our favourite bathroom reno tips to turn your bathroom into your very own private retreat.


Custom Glass Shower Doors Can Make a WORLD of Difference


Everyone knows that the bath and shower is the focus of any bathroom. Prioritizing this space in your next bathroom reno project can make a big bang in the overall identity of the room. Modern shower enclosures have a great impact and make even the smallest of bathrooms look big. REAL BIG. An open concept isn’t just for kitchens anymore!


Don’t Be Crass—Go GLASS!


Curtains are out, glass is in. Do a bathroom search on Pinterest lately? You will see a lot of beautiful bathroom design, of every scope and scale. But there is one thing that keeps popping up: glass shower doors. Simply put, glass adds class to any room. Whatever your bathroom space, a set of custom glass shower doors will work their magic to elevate vibes and feng your shui. Custom glass enclosures for the bath and shower are fabricated to fulfill any dream bathroom.


Boost that mood lighting


Stay away from fluorescent—that dentist’s office glow has got to go! Lighting trends for 2018 are all about setting the mood. You want to be able to relax in the tub, so choose lighting with a warm luminosity. Vintage-style Edison incandescent light bulbs make a romantic addition to any room. LED colour-changing panels are also emerging as a top trend contender. Just set the colour to your fav bath bomb.  


A touch of green


Plants are a great addition to any bathroom turned spa retreat. A pop of green goes a long way to invigorate a room. Bonsai trees are a timeless and affordable option. Feeling more creative? Show off your succulents in a homemade terrarium. Not blessed with green thumbs? It’s all good—low maintenance bamboo is the right plant for you. This resilient go-getter will do alright by even the most forgetful owner.  


The metamorphosis


Bathroom reno projects have the power to transform a space into one you WANT to spend time in. This peace of mind is invaluable for a host of reasons. For one, your home’s property value increases when you invest in key areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Most importantly, it allows home owners to take charge and create an environment suitable to their unique lifestyle. Custom glass shower doors and replacing your lights aside, making a room truly yours can cause an important and lasting change in how you feel inside your home. But don’t take our word for it! Which décor trend are YOU eager to try? Comment below.

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