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Top 3 Criteria for Choosing Glass Shower Doors

November 23, 2020

Because of their functionality and aesthetics, glass shower doors in Toronto have become popular for many homeowners. In terms of appearance, they come in different textures and looks such as coloured, patterned, clear, frosted, acid-etched, or cast glass. If your bathroom is shared, a privacy glass that is heavily textured or frosted would be a perfect option for you. Other essential factors to take into account when choosing glass shower doors include glass material type, thickness, and protection. Each of these criteria will be discussed below. 


Glass type: tempered or laminated?

If you prefer safety and durability, tempered glass is a good choice compared to annealed glass. This glass material is the one that is most commonly used for glass shower doors in Toronto. These shower doors can either be sliding or swinging. Either way, they don’t easily break. If you need to have extra safety precautions, a laminated shower glass door is perfect as it can minimize the risk of serious injury in case of accidents. Due to its exceptional strength, the broken pieces remain intact once it fractures. 


Material thickness: how thick the glass will be?

Glass shower doors in Toronto are made with a varying thickness which is somewhat dictated by whether it’s a framed, semi-frameless, or frameless unit. The thickest of them is perfect for the frameless style glass whereas the thinner glass is great to be used in framed units for more structural support that safeguards vulnerable corners of the tempered glass.  


Protection: how will the glass be protected?

Protecting the glass from harmful or corrosive chemicals is crucial to prolonging its life. Glass protection is also helpful in order to reduce maintenance. Ion-beam technology is one of the techniques to treat and permanently protect the sealed surface of the glass. If you have a restrictive budget, glass shower doors in Toronto can also be treated with a high-end sealant that is applied after manufacturing. It can protect the glass from stains and corrosion.


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